Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Well that's it, the first year of LST study has come to an end and it only seems like yesterday that I was a newbie there.

Some great lecturers have been Tony Lane for Doctrine. Tony is a sold guy who is professor of historical theology who specializes in Calvin (yay!). Sonja Jackson for Cross Culture and Mission, hew enthusiasm for mission and her experience really were fantastic. Alison Lo, OT lecturer, fantastic walk through the Covenant with her and she gave me good marks for my essay. Chris Jack, Discipleship. Chris brought Luke 14 down on the class with a punch, shocking some, comforting others. Finally my fantastic Formation tutor, Conrad Gempf who may even be reading this.

Thanks to everybody else at LST as well from Phil in the bookshop to the maintenance guys, the kitchen staff, admin and everybody else. See you next term!


Suzi said...

Hi, Leigh!
We sure miss the Porters! Enjoy yer summah!
Dwight & Suzi

Fusion! said...

Thanks. I didn't expect such a response from the post. I just have a question: how did you find Letmypeopleread? Thanks again. I hope to have more stuff up soon.